Engagement models

LimeStudio is a team of elite engineers and designers that designs, builds and delivers beautiful, human-centred products. We can support you in designing and developing your product from scratch or scale into your existing tech team.

End to end product development

Creating a digital product is a daunting task. Our transparent approach makes it easy as we break the process in manageable phases.

Discovery & Ideation

Define, complete, improve and evaluate your idea.

We organize a scoping and ideation workshop to define and design your business and/or technical vision. During the workshop we discuss and brainstorm to shape your idea and create strategy and roadmap. Services that this phase might include:

  • Product Design Sprint – The sprint is a four day process of answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers.
  • Heuristic Analysis – Assist you in identifying common products and usability issues. Any potential problems could be resolved, improving the overall user’s satisfaction.
  • Service Blueprint – Visualize the relationships between different components and stakeholders. See the big picture and identify potential problems.
  • Usability Testing– Evaluate your product by testing it with representative users. Collect first hand quantitative and qualitative data about your product.
  • Scoping Session – The workshop helps you refine your ideas and answer tech or design questions. The outcome of the workshop is a ballpark time and budget estimation.
Clear idea of what is achievable and what not.
Customer journey map and plan for testing with users.
Evaluation document with usability improvements and recommendations.

Prototyping & Design

Create a usable and beautiful experience to impress your customers.
User Experience Design – Create user-centred designs that are easy to use and interact with.
User Interface Design – Create beautiful and engaging user interface designs to wow your customers.
Prototyping – Light-weight and functional prototypes ready to be demonstrated with clients.
Functional designs ready to “wow” users.
Light-weight prototype that is ready to be demonstrated with clients or management.


We use agile development approach to architecture, develop and test scalable software:

Development Solutions

Cloud-Native development

Front End Development
Back End Development

Cloud-Native development

Modern microservice-based high performance web apps for the cloud.

We excel in both front-end and back-end development. We help with development of highly scalable digital solutions.

Mobile Development

Blockchain Development

Native Mobile Development
Cross-platform development

Cloud-Native development

LimeStudio is part of LimeChain: a global blockchain development and consulting company (top 3 according to Hackernoon 2019).
Our team delivers well designed and optimized apps for both iOS and Android
Delivering the end solution based on your goals.

Post-Launch and Support

Ensure your product is up-to-date and ahead of the competition.
Tech Consulting
Support you face the challenges with your current technology and make the best tech decisions based on your business goals.
Support your product growth – being able to efficiently handle more users and traffic.
Support and Maintenance
Providing support services and ensuring your digital products & services are working smoothly.
  • Design and tech audit report.
  • Supporting your product making sure it’s up and running

Team extension

Creating a digital product is a daunting task. Our transparent approach makes it easy as we break the process in manageable phases.

Scale your team to meet deadlines

Tap into a diverse talent network

Tech stack


What do you get?

Creating a digital product is a daunting task. Our transparent approach makes it easy as we break the process in manageable phases.
Peace of mind:
We work with very high standards so that you could be sure we would deliver.


Our approach enables flexibility in the development process. All teams are agile and build to easily integrate into other structures

Free tech consultation:

Have an idea in mind but no technical expertise. We offer free technical consultation and mini-discovery phase.

Tech agnostic:

We cover multiple technologies, but we always choose the best stack for the job.

what do you get